Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, centrally located in Elmsford, New York, was established in 1929 through the vision of Reverend James Hackett. In response to the movement of immigrants from Europe to New York and on to Westchester County, Father Hackett, the pastor of this small country mission Church, petitioned the superior of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion in White Plains to provide Catholic nuns to educate the children of immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Germany. Children of hard working factory workers, craftsmen and farmers were among the first students of our school. Combined grades in small classrooms marked the beginning of our rich history.

As the parish community grew, the student body increased as well. The visionary Father Hackett endeavored to construct a church-school building that would be cost effective and efficient. Mindful of the demands placed on the income of the hard working families, Father Hackett designed one building with the Church located between the gymnasium on the ground floor and the classrooms on the top floor. The construction of the church-school building concretely and symbolically expressed the desire to place the Church and its teachings, at the heart of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.