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School provides a program of religious education for students:

  • Sequential development of studies according to the age level of the child
  • Opportunities for creative student preparation and involvement in liturgical and sacramental celebrations according to their maturity and talents
  • Retreat opportunities and prayer services
  • Birthday masses
  • Lenten services
  • The Passion in pantomime

Faculty gives priority to creating an environment in which the truths of faith and the message of Christ can be nourished in and lived by each student.

  • Create an atmosphere of freedom and love respecting the readiness of each individual for religious growth
  • Mutual sharing and trust
  • Development of social awareness with opportunities for involvement
  • Opportunities for daily prayer

Faculty involve parents in the religious education programs of their children to enrich their own lives and to unify the religious formation efforts of school and home.

  • Presentation of an overview of sacramental programs
  • Encourage participation in practicing one’s faith
  • Cooperative program in which parents assist in sacramental preparation

Faculty embodies compassion and gives service to the needy.

  • Participate in civic activities for the good of others
  • Utilize conflict resolution strategies to solve problems
  • Help the troubled resolve their difficulties
  • Console those in sorrow or distress
  • Assist co-workers in their needs